Always In My Heart

Fighting back the tears
Thinking about all the years
That you haven't been by my side
Countless were the nights I cried.

All this time I've been depressed
I couldn't eat or sleep or rest
I want to move on, I want a fresh start
But your smile is haunting my lonely heart.

I think of you every night and day
I still remember when you looked my way.
Between us was an instant attraction
To me, you made a great first impression.

Your eyes twinkling and your smile charming
I couldn't resist, you were so appealing.
I fell in love when you waved and said hi,
I looked at you and smiled, all shy.

When you asked me to the ball
I felt like the luckiest girl of them all.
In different houses we may be,
But that didn't stop you from noticing me.

Here I go again, staring at your photo
I never ever dreamed of seeing you go.
You being strong, and smart, and true
Is why I fell deeply in love with you.

I hope you're watching me from up above
Because I don't know how to let go of our love.
As I mourn the loss of this boy who was brave,
I drop this flower, and my tears, on this grave...


This is Cho's lament for her fallen love. She was Cedric's girl before he died, so she must've been devastated! She quickly rebounded to Harry though, little skank hahaha]

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