Eyes blurry with tears
Wiping make up as it smears
My heart is sobbing here
And I don’t care who will hear.

I wasn’t really ready to find
That my love has gone blind
But this is the last time
That I’ll claim you to be mine.

I gave my all to you
Did everything I could do.
Still, you thought it was untrue
You left and took your love with you.

What I am thankful for
As I watch you walk out my door
I learned to love myself even more
Something I should’ve done before.

Thank you for making me see
What I have deep inside of me
I let you go, I let it be
Thanks to you, I am now free.

As you can see, I started to feel free. Free from all the bullshit of the relationship with THE EX. Feeling a lot better...]

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