In my heart, I feel nothing
I feel empty deep inside
Gone were the days we were happy
The love between us has died.

I thought about our years together
Even then, my eyes stayed dry
I sat as I stared out the window
My eyes just didn’t want to cry.

For so long, I’ve been guessing
Were you still in love? I didn’t know
I’ve tried and tried to make things better
But you didn’t let your feelings show.

I tried everything to make it work
But you were a fool to believe
That I would stay despite your apathy
That I would be here and never leave.

I must admit I wasn’t shocked nor shaken
When you said your love for me has gone
I guess I’ve known it all this time
You expected a reaction, but I gave none.

I still feel empty, still nothing
Even as I watched you walk out the door
You had feelings for me once, you said
But you’re just not in love with me anymore.

You said you were working on bringing it back
Because you didn’t want to lose me.
I said love is not forced, it is not a task
So just let it happen, just let it be.

Should our paths cross again the future
And we find ourselves in love once again
Then we’ll know we’re destined to be together
But for now, this pointless game needs to end.

Towards the end of my relationship with THE EX. I guess it was when we had THE TALK. You know, about our feelings, or lack of it, yada yada yada... I felt nothing anymore. Sure sign that it was time to let it go...]

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