Why do we pretend?
Pretend nothing’s wrong
Pretend all is fine
Just leave things alone.

Every morning of every day
We kiss goodbye and on we go
At night when we get home
We see each other and kiss hello.

Round and round in circles it seems
Life revolving round this stupid routine
Can’t shake off this bad dream
Redundant our lives have been.

Most of the time, we are apart
Enjoying things, but not with each other
Excitement in our relationship
Is gone, has faded altogether.

What has happened to us?
We used to be so happy, so connected.
Somewhere along the way, it changed
This is not at all what I expected.

Round and round in circles it seems
I can’t keep doing this stupid routine
Our love has ceased to be evergreen
Redundant our life together has been...

Inspired by another HP fan, who was also a Green Day fan (many of my little online friends at the time were Green Day fans), so she asked me if I can write something similar to the song, Redundant. Here is my version of Redundant, which is about THE EX. This is when I starting to get tired of US...]

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