Look My Way

I've liked you since the first day
I hoped and wished you'd look my way.
I didn't know what I would say
You just never looked my way.

I've watched and admired you and your talent
I smiled, but you didn't know what it meant.
As your broom came to a slow descent
You saw me in the crowd, not knowing my intent.

I meant to be there so you will see
That there's a girl who's longing to be
Yours forever, only you and me
I will wait for you, this I guarantee.

Now I see you, I catch you looking
Yet you haven't even tried approaching.
Is there something I'm not understanding?
You seem to like me, but we're not talking.

Everyday, my feelings for you grow
And I sincerely want you to know
When you asked me to the ball and I said "No",
Was the one day I admit I've regretted so.

I said I was sorry, and that night I cried
I replayed that moment in my head every night.
Why didn't I wait longer? I should've tried
And now it's tearing up my heart inside.

After that year, I was glad we were closer
We finally had a chance to be together.
I really liked you, I thought you were better
Was it wishful thinking that you'd be mine forever?

We slowly, but surely, drifted apart
I can't take this, have pity on my heart.
I gave it my all, but you didn't do your part,
I had to let you go, I need a fresh start.

Now I'm living my life day after day
Now all I can do is just hope and pray.
I've come to realize, and I'm sad to say
That you will never again look my way.


This one is Cho talking about Harry. Told you she rebounded right to him. She really did like him, Cedric just happened to be there first.]

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