I'm sorry if I don't trust you now
I still don't know why or how
They say love is not jealous, love is trust
Yet I don't know if I really must.
I know you swore you'll leave me never
But what if you find someone else that's better?
Although right now, I'm only seventeen
When I say I love you, I know what I mean.
You promised me that you'll be true.
So many times you said you loved me too.
Call me insecure, paranoid, or crazy
I just don't wanna believe every word you tell me.
I've never had anyone like you before
I sure can't ask for anything more.
You have everything I'm looking for in a guy
I tell you the truth, this is not a lie.
Just prove to me that you've changed your ways
And we'll be together from now and always.
I think about you every night and day
I really love you, be patient and stay.
That's all for now, so please wait
And tell me that it'll never be too late.

This is about THE EX. He always complained that I didn't trust him, so this kinda wrote itself...]

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