You've been my friend, I've been yours
Being with you was all that mattered.
But somehow, as if by strange force,
All my dreams for us were shattered.

I feel like somehow I'm to blame
Within arms length, I kept you near.
My heart is screaming out your name
But somehow, you did not, could not, hear.

You have always been there for me
To me you are more than just a friend.
If you felt the same, somehow I didn't see
Confusing signals you would always send.

In our fourth year, I waited and waited
For you to ask me to the Yule Ball.
Until someone else asked and I debated
If not with you, should I go at all?

I tried to keep my mind off of you.
I went with Viktor and with him I stayed.
Somehow I caught you glancing my way too.
You were there, looking hurt and betrayed.

In our sixth year, sometime in December
I found out something I didn't want to know,
You liked her, you kissed her, and I remember
Mixed emotions as I cast, "Oppugno!"

This is not how I wanted it to be
I thought I was supposed to be smart?
I couldn't believe you'd do that to me!
I never thought you'd break my poor heart.

I feel the warmth of tears from my eyes.
How long will you make me wait?
How long until you finally realize?
Tell me you love me, before it's too late...


Another R/Hr shipper poem. Hermione's turn this time, but I didn't particularly like this one. I felt like it didn't really capture her feelings for Ron, so I tried to rewrite (which you'll see later.)]

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