Is This Really Love?

I want to thank You Lord for everything
That You've given me since I was born.
I want to thank You for the things You've taught me
Though it seems I have still much to learn.
I want to thank You for teaching me
How to love and be loved by someone.
Though at times it can really be painful
You said forgive and forget what's done.
I'm very thankful for what I have
No matter how big or how small
And in times of needs, I'm glad to know
You would be there when I fall.
Above all things, I'd like to thank You
For my friends, family, and my boy
You've given me a wonderful person
This man I love named Joy.
He's so caring and thoughtful and loving
He's just great in so many ways.
I'll never forget his hugs, kisses, and laughs
I always feel safe in his warm embrace.
But Lord I have another thing to ask
With him, will I shed some tears?
Will my heart get broken into many pieces,
And make each second feel like years?
Can he really be my true love?
Because everything's going so fast.
Oh, Lord I don't want to cry anymore
So will you please make this one last?

Again, this is about THE EX. Guess I was a bit in love when I wrote this...]

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