So many things I want to say
If only I can find a way
To let you know what’s in my heart
But I just don’t know where to start.
From the moment you said you loved me
I knew I’ve already fallen deeply
But I was afraid to take the risk
Then you slowly kissed my lips
I pulled away when I saw him looking
Heartbroken, but understanding
He knew he never really had me
So he decided to set me free.
When I was with him, he knew,
That my heart belonged to you.
See I thought there was no chance
For you and i to have romance
I felt foolish when I cried
When it was really me who tried
To dismiss your feelings so quick
Not giving you the chance to speak
I told you I didn’t love you
I told you I didn’t need you
But now as I gaze into your eyes
I wish you see through all my lies
What I want is for you to be mine
From now until the end of time...

This is untitled because it isn't really about anyone. This was based on a fantasy I had - made up story if you will - about a love triangle. A girl falls in love with a boy, but she was already with his brother. From the beginning, she loved this boy, but thought the brother was the better boyfriend... She thought the brother was sweeter, he was always there, and he made her happy. However, the boy professes his love for her, and she said she couldn't, since she was with his brother. One night, at a party, he asked to dance with her so they can talk. Song in the background: Last Chance by Allure. He told her he had to be with her, and it was the last time he would ask. She finally lets go, and they kiss. As they kiss, the brother sees them, but somehow, he already knew it would happen. He knew she loved the other one more. He was hurt, but he had to let her go... This summarizes the story, but it's more detailed in my head.]

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