So Close, and Yet So Far

Six years I’ve known you
Six years you’ve been there
But why is it so difficult
To tell you how much I care?

First year together was bad
All we did was bicker and fight
But in the end, with our best friend,
I saw you in a different light.

Once, when I heard you get insulted
I defended you and endured
Disgusting effect of a spell that backfired
And you were there until I was cured.

I think of you as a great friend
My true feelings for you, I deny
That is why I was overly jealous when
You went to the ball with another guy.

I wished it was me with you there
So I sulked and didn’t have fun
That was when I finally realized
For me, you were the one.

It hurt to think of you with him
The thought of you kissing another
My heart was crushed, and i was lonely
So I turned to Lavender.

But soon I knew she wasn’t enough
It was you who I really wanted
I know it, and you know it
Why did I take you for granted?

At night, I look up at the sky
And I wish upon a star
That I get to be with the girl I love
Who’s close, but yet so far…


My next installment of HP shipper poem. This one is my all time fave ship, Ron/Hermione. So much sexual tension between them two since the beginning, that you HAD to see it coming. This shows Ron's feelings towards Hermione.]

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