I Don't Care

We used to always be together
We used to hang out and be silly
I used to see you as a dear friend
And you, too, felt the same for me.

I thought we’d always be this way
Until something inside me changed.
I felt something stir inside
This new feeling I had was strange.

I tried to dismiss whatever it was
Thinking if I did, it would go away
The more I fought this new feeling
The more it decided to stay.

I srt of didn’t want to think
That for you I was falling
But I couldn’t keep it to myself
To you, I revealed this feeling.

But you said it’ll never work out
You said it just couldn’t be
So you pretended I said nothing
You stayed away from me.

I was hurt and it showed
My patronus took a new form
Others also took notice
They it wasn’t the norm.

Until one day I broke down
I yelled that I loved you.
I said I didn’t care what you were
That’s the promise of a love so true.

You said I’m not safe with you
You’re only worried for my sake
Tears filled my eyes and I told you
You’re the risk I’m willing to take.


I don't know why I felt compelled to write this one. This is for the Lupin/Tonks ship. Of course, this only came about in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I just thought it was cute...]

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