How Can I Stay Strong?

I was in love, but not with you
You were in love with someone else too.
But that one night, on summer solstice,
Was the night we had our very first kiss.

I pulled away, knowing it was wrong
Had to push you away, tried to be strong
But I kept thinking about your warm kiss
And that was what started all of this.

Thoughts of you swarmed inside my head
Sleepless nights I had laying on my bed.
Until one day, you decided to let her go
I was the one there, the first one to know.

Ever since then, we started getting closer
I felt like I helped you forget about her
I was there for you, I was there as a friend
We helped each other's heart to mend.

We spend many hours talking on the phone
We talk all day and sometimes all night long
I love the talk, the laughs, and many others too
But most of all, I love just being with you.

I forgot how it was to be really happy
When you came along, it seemed really easy
We were hanging out more than before
I knew I couldn't ask for anything more.

I didn't want my feelings to get involved.
Because once it's there, it cannot be resolved.
At first I refused to believe it was true.
But I couldn't deny it, I've fallen for you.

Even though you say you don't feel the same
I know that your heart is screaming my name.
Every little thing that you say and do
Tells me that you've fallen for me too.

I don't understand why you're holding back
I want to know what it is that I lack.
I know that I have what you're looking for
I can give you what you want and so much more.

Until you realize that the one you want is me
I have to say goodbye, I have to let you be.
How can I move on and do things differently?
When I've gotten used to you being there for me.

I can't keep waiting for you to come around
I have to fight this, have to stand my ground
We've been doing this for far too long
So how do I let go, how can I stay strong?

Still about THE BOYFRIEND. I was getting tired, I was ready to let go and just say "F*&# it". I was just a sucka, but I really was ready to move on. But it was HE who didn't want to let me go. So.. the rest is history... Can you believe it's been almost 3 years? My last poem for now... I think I might try Twilight ships next...]

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