The Song, The Feeling

I sat in my car and heard an old song play again
I remembered that certain someone I had back then.
I remembered the time when he was mine
I reminisced as I listened, line by line...

Got lost in my thoughts, the music came back
I listened again, rewinded that track.
Every note struck chords in my heart
These words, these rhymes, used to tear me apart.

I sang along to this song years ago
I remembered the love I used to know.
This song made me tearful, sad as can be.
As if the words were written just for me.

We thought the feelings would never fade
We planned the future, promises were made,
But just as the rushing river dries after years
The feelings changed, didn't even bring tears.

The hope that we're meant to be has long been gone
I searched for that old feeling, but I found none.
I've realized this song doesn't affect me like before
I remember the words, but not the feeling anymore.

Sounds familiar? Maybe it's because I based this on the song by Joey Albert, "I Remember The Boy". It's not really plagiarism because I'm fully crediting the song and singer for this one. I just sort of personalized it, but I got the idea while listening to the song in my car one day. It describes my situation with THE EX. I honestly don't remember the feeling anymore. I don't remember how it felt. It was as if the whole thing was a dream, with no real feelings. He was more like an acquaintance, not an intimate partner. How did it last 7 years when there was nothing strong holding us together?]

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