Pretty Brown Eyes

There he goes again, with his pretty brown eyes
Looking at me lovingly, thinking up his lies.
I try to ignore him, and I go a different way
He's annoying, but somehow his smile makes my day.

He's been trying to get me to notice him
He's so obnoxious, his chances are slim.
He always hangs around his creepy little friends
Most of his time, with those three, he spends.

He thinks he's so cool, playing with the snitch
Always getting in trouble with poor old Mr. Filch.
He's just not someone I'd be proud to call 'mine'
But between love and hate, there is a fine line.

I saw him less as an annoyance, more of a good guy
I saw it when I looked into those pretty brown eyes.
Down by the lake, we spent most of our time
I fell in love with him, he's perfect and so fine.

The days and years pass, and our love grew stronger
Until one day, he asked to be together forever.
I married this fine man, and he's been good to me
We were in love and happy as we'll ever be.

We were blessed with a son, we called him Harry
He was a beautiful baby, strong like daddy.
Little did we know, our happiness will be cut short
By someone who thought killing was a sport.

As the night sky was filled with ominous green light
I was too late and saw James, my love, in a fight.
For that split second, he looked my way
"I love you, and Harry too", he seemed to say.

I looked at my love, I was scared for him
He wanted to reassure me, as things go dim.
He wanted to say everything will be alright
But it was too late, he'd lost the fight.

How could I protect the men of my life?
I was Harry's mother, but also James' wife.
There he goes again, with his pretty brown eyes
He closed them as I cried for the very last time...


The ultimate ship. James & Lily forever! Without them, there wouldn't be a Harry Potter. They had a cute, but sad, love story. Together til the end... This was originally called "Pretty Green Eyes", because it was gonna be James' thoughts towards Lily, but it quickly switched to Lily's point of view. I posted it, then I realized it's Lily who had the green eyes, so I switched it to Brown Eyes instead.]

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