At night words fill my head
Right before I go to bed
No matter how much I try
They just won’t leave my mind.
Feelings of frustration show
Wanting to let the world know
How I truly feel deep inside
But not letting my heart guide
At times, my mind is blank and bare
Sometimes I just don’t care
But when I do try to go to sleep
These words begin to creep.
I want to let the words out
Should I write? Or scream and shout?
I grad a pen, and search for paper
And pour my thoughts all over
But sometimes writing just doesn’t do it
For the words are scattered and won’t fit
Why am I trapped by these words?
Like some sort of caged birds?
Tortured inside, forever lonely
Haunted by words for all eternity...

This was inspired by an online friend, who also wrote poems. We were talking about how sometimes there are words swimming in your head, so you try to remember them, but when it comes time to actually write, they disappear. So this is about the words that crowd my mind as I lay awake in bed...]

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