I Could've Been

I could've been sweet
I could've been thoughtful
I could've been loving
I could've been faithful.

I could've been all these
If only you gave me a chance,
To show you what I can do
To give you romance.

I could give you happiness
And love you with all my heart
I could show you how sad I would be
Whenever we must be apart.

I could never let you down
Or ever hurt your feelings.
Because deep in my heart I know
What really love's meaning.

But you were mean and cruel
And you never treated me right.
But still I longed for you
Everyday and every night.

You thought I never cared
You never showed how you feel
You never showed me you loved me.
Or if your feelings were for real.

But I would still love you
For the rest of my life
And remember all the good times
That we shared for a while.

I could've been beside you
When no one else seemed to care.
I could've been your girl
I always would have been there.

But it's too late now
I know it's all over.
It's now time for goodbye.
I'll be out of your life forever.

Geez.. someone was bitter! Guess this was towards the end when I realized there was nothing I can do. Besides, I was to be thousands of miles away so I might as well let go...]

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  1. Good you let go, i think. You sound a lot happier in your "about me" section now.