Forbidden Lovers

Everyday and every night
I wondered if you really loved me
I thought, and I thought, then I decided
That I would just wait and see.

People around us noticed it
Since that very first time.
All the things that we did,
All would stay in my mind.

Those same people got between us
But I won't mention any names.
At first, they thought we were just playing,
They thought it was all a game.

But we kept on showing the world
That something, indeed, was happening.
They forced me to tell them,
I said, "It's just the beginning..."

Ever since they found out, I was shocked
When they started threatening me.
I couldn't touch you, or go near you
Because they were watching me.

But honey, I've realized now
That we are forbidden lovers.
I don't know how, or when
I will accept that it's over.

Everything we have done
Our memories, our sweet history
I know I will keep it inside
I will always bring it with me.

I have one more question before I go
We both know this is not the end.
So even if we are far apart,
Will you still be my friend?

My first poem. Obviously this was written about a boy. From a lifetime ago. From a different world. About a boy I couldn't be with because of our age and because it was just a different life back then. I wish I can see him now and see if we can pick up where we left off... Ha! Ya right! I bet he's now married with plenty of kids...]

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