The first time I saw you
It was at the train station
My heart was overflooded,
With all kinds of emotions.

I found you very attractive
Indeed, very good looking
Later, I would learn
You’d be my life’s meaning.

First you saved my life
On our first year together
But, I wonder, was it for me?
Or the school? Or my brother?

You treated me like a sister
But I saw you as my hero.
I’ve loved you secretly
It hurt that you didn’t know.

I turned to others and tried
To fill this empty space
But none of them was enough
What I wanted was your embrace.

I sat and watched you goggle
Over a girl who didn’t deserve you
I sat and watched you get hurt
So now will you notice me too?

Over the course of some tragic events
My feelings for you grew stronger
I thought I’d be able to hide it
But I couldn’t fight much longer.

I wanted to grab you, and kiss you
And say what I wanted to say.
That after all these years of knowing you
My childhood crush never went away.

But YOU grabbed me, and YOU kissed me
And my heart overflowed with joy
Finally, you noticed I was here all along.
I realized I was madly in love with this boy.

My waiting and patience paid off
I love you, and now you love me.
Now that you’re here by my side
I’m as happy as I’ll ever be...


This is my first Harry Potter "shipper" poem. I've always sailed the Harry/Ginny (or H/G) ship. After I read the 6th book, this pretty much wrote itself. I was so proud of myself when I wrote this... If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'd totally get this. My little online friends surely did hahaha]

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