My Addiction

This thing was all around
But it was something I’d never do...
Or so I thought, but then
I was sucked into doing it to.

It was all around me
I couldn’t escape it.
I tried to deny it, but
A friend pushed me into it.

So the first time I tried it,
I was home, all alone.
I locked the door, and waited
For “Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone”

I watched it, unblinking
From beginning to the end
When it was over, I thought
Hey, I found a new friend!

I watched the second one
Addiction getting bigger
I watched both movies, back to back
I needed something stronger.

After watching the movies
I decided to buy the books.
I read them once, twice, many times!
Since then, I’ve been hooked!

Now, I’m waiting for my “Half Blood Prince”
Impatiently I wonder, what is taking so long?
And that, my friends, is my story
The story of my new addiction.

Based on how I became obsessed with Harry Potter.]

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