The Black Death

I have not seen such sorrow, nor such pain
I have not seen insanity until this very day.
The tears, the blood, even the clouds are ominous
In this golden city stricken with the plague.
The frightened faces, the treacherous looks
Roaming the streets are no longer easy
Everyone’s terrified, bewildered, astounded
By this mystery phantom the eyes couldn’t see
Whenever someone took their last breath
The church bell was heard ringing
Ringing and ringing for every lifeless body
So many bodies that it was not stopping.
Every dead body I see, every cry I hear
Every house I pass, I hear a scream.
No singing, no laughter, only grieving is around
Many desperately prayed for this to disappear.
When I was in the deepest of my thoughts,
I heard the bell ring again
All the ringing is tiring my mind
So I too prayed that it would soon end.
One day the ringing finally stopped.
There are no forms of life to be found
No more cries, no more tears, no more lights
And the bell was quiet, 'twas quiet all around...

A few years ago, I entered an online poetry contest. Of course, I didn't win, but I did receive a copy of the "winner" poems. I noticed that all the winners wrote about something dark and depressing, not a fufu one like mine. So this is my attempt at "dark" writing.]

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