It was night, I see myself running
Where? I really don’t know
Why? I really can’t say
All I know is that I have to go.

I look ahead and see
Nothing but dark empty space
Feels like I’ve been left behind
Like somehow I’ve lost the race.

Am I running in circles?
I turn left, I turn right,
Like an endless labyrinth
No walls, no end in sight.
Faceless figures I see
Speaking, but with no sense
Looking, but with no eyes,
Applauding, but with no hands
I close my eyes and felt
The torture and mental suffering
Then I felt the sun shining down on me
Finally the world was waking.

Faceless figures start to blur
Their voices begin to fade
It’s a bad dream all along
Just a nightmare I made.

I just imagined all of it
Now to wake up and start anew
But somehow I can’t seem to move
Am I stuck in this bad dream too?

Another attempt in being "dark". I don't know if I'm really achieving what I'm trying to do, but whatever... close enough.]

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