I heard the word love softly spoken
By the one who made me heartbroken.
Why must you sit there, and only sigh?
Why say you love me, then say it was a lie?

At that Christmas party, you were to go with me
I pictured us two sitting by the Christmas Tree.
Then I was to drag you under the mistletoe...
But those never happened, you decided not to go.

We're both hesitating to cross that line
So what would it take for you to be mine?
I thought I've done everything I could do
But what I forgot is actually tell you I love you.

That's why you couldn't tell, why you didn't see
That I've loved all the time you spent with me.
I should just come out and say it, "I love you, Ron!"
But I decided to put it off, I'll do it later on.

One night my whole world just came tumbling down
When I spotted you kissing that Lavender Brown.
I suddenly couldn't breathe, chest full of pain
My heart was bleeding, I was going insane.

I don't understand why you would do this
Why, in front of me, must you two kiss?
It hurts, it hurts, was all I could think about
Couldn't take it any longer, I had to get out.

Found a dark room, drowned in my sorrows
I hoped and prayed it would be over tomorrow.
I should've told you, why did I wait?
I've missed my chance, I'm already too late.

I don't remember the rest of that night
I didn't want to relive that painful sight.
For now I will continue to be your friend
Wishing it will be you and me in the end...


I tried to redeem myself with the last Hermione poem for Ron. Here it is... I was a bit happier with this one. I think this one captured her feelings a little more.]

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