Say Goodbye

Do you remember those times,
Times that we shared together?
Those times were so much fun
I thought they would last forever.

Whenever you were near me
I felt chills down my spine.
I really loved the way you held me
I thought you were really mine.

When you held my hands,
It was as if no one was around us.
Everyday, I thought about it,
Would it all just stay in the past?

When you held me inside your arms
The feelings got stronger.
Those feelings that imprisoned me
I couldn't fight it much longer.

Each time you whispered in my ears
I heard angels singing.
Each time you looked at me,
I felt so relieved.

Relieved that you were there
Not leaving my side.
But I guess it wouldn't always happen
I had to say goodbye.

I admit that I'm missing you
Since we're so far apart.
There's one thing I promise you
You'll forever stay in my heart...

Still about the same boy as previous poem. The same goes for the next 2... why was I so sprung about something that BARELY happened?]

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