You Don't Belong To Me

I’m the youngest to play Pro-Quidditch
But my heart was stolen by a young witch
She is great, she is smart, and very sweet
I waited for the day we’d officially meet.

See I was invited for an event at her school
I accepted, thinking, this event I’d rule.
I walked in there, sure and proud
That was when I noticed her in the crowd.

Although I was surrounded by many girls
I noticed her, with her books and her curls
I was always hanging around the library
I know she’ll bump into me eventually.

But I just couldn’t wait any longer
So I decided to just go up to her
I let our my feelings, once and for all
I asked her to go with me to the ball.

She looked at me, somewhat hesitating
She wasn’t sure because she was waiting
She was waiting for another to ask her out
But it seemed she was having her doubts.

So finally she agreed to go with me
At the Yule Ball, she walked in gracefully.
She was the most beautiful girl there
I couldn’t have picked anyone better.

Yet I noticed, she was very distracted
Watching a boy whose hair glowed fiery red
In her eyes, I saw her longing
For that someone she can’t help loving.

The term ended, how I wished I could stay
I asked her to write me everyday
She promised to write, an owl she would send
And she said she liked me, but only as a friend

I wish things will turn out just fine
I wish she will love me, and be mine.
But even if I used many potions and spells
I know she’s in love with somebody else.


Another HP ship. Victor Krum and Hermione's story was cute. This is Krum talking about his feelings towards the one girl he actually liked. I thought it was cool, an international Quidditch player fell in love with lil ol' Hermione.]

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