My Obsession, Part I

I really don’t know just how I can

Love someone, from afar, like this man.
One day, I’m wishing that you would be
Veering your attention towards me.
Every night I dream of you

On my side, with you loving me too.
Loneliness deep inside my heart
Is eminent knowing we’re so far apart.
Various feelings I need to sort out
Everytime I think, I just want to shout!
Read my thoughts, feel my heart

Please tell me where to start.
How can I let my feelings go?
Each thought of you haunts me so.
Love me, please, love me dear
Please know that I am always here.
Someday, I wish you could see.. just how much you mean to me…

My second Acrostic poem (first was the Valentine one). Guess you can figure out who this is about. Don't ask me why I liked him, I just did, ok?]

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