The first time I laid my eyes on you
Right there and then I knew
That you were a gift from up above
And you'd be the one I'd always love.
I knew we'd be more than just friends
In my heart, I hoped, it would never end.
I'd always remember your loving stare
To forget about you, I would never dare.
I loved your every single touch
Everything about you, I loved so much.
I was willing to give you everything
My heart, my soul, and all of my feelings.
I gave you everything I thought you wanted
So why did you take my love for granted?
When we fought, I saw in your eyes
The anger, and your voice sounded cold as ice.
But then we'd make up right away
And held each other the rest of the day.
I thought I would soon get over you
Get on with my life, and find someone new.
Forgetting about you, yes I've tried.
But I know, deep inside, I only lied.
I knew you'd always stay in my mind.
I also knew that my love was blind.
I want your love back in my life again.
Or if not, can we at least try to be friends?

OMG! I had to reread the poem to remember who I wrote this for. This was the one no one really met. None of my friends nor family ever met him yet we were together on and off for about 2 years. I kept going back to him even though I met and dated other guys in between. Why such a strong pull when he treated me bad? Was I just that much of a masochist?]

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