Holding On

I like you more and more each day
Knowing damn well you'll never stay
Knowing damn well it will never be
You'll never feel the same for me.

You might not know, or maybe you do
That every single day, when I talk to you
My feelings for you keep getting stronger
I can't take it, can't help it any longer.

I'll always remember the long hours on the phone
Because of you, I stopped feeling alone.
I stopped mourning for a love that's lost
That's what I thank you for the most.

You made me feel good about who I am
You made me feel like I was a rare gem.
If everything you say about me is true,
Then why won't you let me be with you?

At times, I feel like you're mine
You start showing me every sign
That you want to be more than a friend
So I keep going, I hold on, I pretend.

We both know we've already crossed that line
Between being friends and lovers in time
We might as well continue what we've begun
Please be mine, be my special someone.

Then you go and do something that hurts me
Something that you do unintentionally.
Because you don't know, so I want to stop
I can't do this anymore, I have to give you up.

You have no idea how hard this is for me
I want to say goodbye, just let me be
What hurts more is that it won't affect you
It won't faze you, no matter what I do.

Aaaww... this is about THE BOYFRIEND. This is the beginning of our relationship. When I was confused, I didn't know what to think. I tried talking to several people about it, but no one could seem to understand me. I didn't want to fall, I wanted to just be casual about it, no strings attached... but I just had to be a girl, and cling to the idea of "it could/would happen". Luckily, it worked out for me.]

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