The Tree

Across the street, there was this great big tree,
When I drove to work, I would always see.
I had been watching it since last summer,
And I saw all the things that happened there.
In the spring I saw it bloom
From the window, in my room.
I saw the leaves, all green and bright
Truly, it was a very lovely sight!
Summer came, and the leaves were dancing
To the song of the wind, which I thought was long lasting.
And then at night, the leaves would rest.
I really thought it was the best.
But autumn came, and then it started
All those green leaves turned red.
The leaves left that tree down yonder.
They left, to stay on the ground forever.
The sad winter then came along.
That poor tree, so coldly, stood alone.
No leaves, no flowers, no birds, no songs,
And I wished that spring would soon come along.
One day I woke to find the big tree gone!
I looked and I asked, they've cut it down!
Oh, how I miss that great big tree.
It reminded me of you... before leaving me...

I wrote this when I was 14. I still remember... it was during Ms. Janow's Hospitality & Tourism class, as usual we weren't really doing anything, and when I looked outside, I saw a tree swaying in the gentle wind. I thought of writing about it just for whatever, and towards the end, I realized that a tree's life is a metaphor for a relationship. So I wrote those last 4 lines...]

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  1. The end made me go "awwwww". Hi. Just found your blog. Very beautifully written- too too sad the end though :(