I Love You, My Friend

Loving you was the second best thing I've ever done.
Finding you was the first one.
We had such a good start
I thought we'll never be apart.
You filled my heart with joy in so many ways.
And I've been so happy these past few days.
I cherished each precious moment we shared.
Back then, I thought, you really cared.
When I started to tell you how I feel
You didn't think my feelings were for real.
So you started telling me about someone new.
Someone you said was so right for you.
All I want now is to hold you once again,
To hug, to kiss, to be more than just a friend.
Why can't I get you out of my mind?
These feelings I have for you, is it right?
If not, then I'd rather be wrong to feel this.
All I wanted from you was one more kiss.
Now I feel that maybe loving you IS wrong.
I suddenly feel so lost, so alone.
My friends keep telling me to just give you up
But how can I, when you keep my hopes up?
Tell me where I stand so I'll stop being confused.
I feel so insecure, so worthless, and so used.
I love you so much, don't you understand?
I want you so much to be my man.
If today you give me all these sorrows,
Would you be there to make me happy tomorrow?
If you want to be just friends for now, then it's fine
I'm hoping that someday you'll see me, and ask to be mine.

Oh man... I was so devastated when I was writing this one. Obviously it was about a friend that I sort of fell in love with, thinking I had a chance because we got thisclose, only to find out he had fallen in love with someone else. It was like being stabbed repeatedly...]

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