Broken Dream

Life is full of pain and sorrow
But I know it will be better tomorrow.
Love will always come and go
Love will be mine again, I know.

Sometimes, I'm saddened by all of this
The thought that now I won't be his.
The thought that now we'll never kiss.
I know that's what I'll surely miss.

Countless times he has lied.
Countless nights I have cried.
How many times have I tried,
To fill this empty space inside?

I denied what I now see as inevitable
Did not want to do something regrettable.
Working things out became impossible.
Losing you was, I thought, unimaginable.

To myself, I would always say
That love will come back to me someday.
I'm hoping my heart will find a way
To love again, and this I pray.

Things aren't always what they seem
We looked happy, but it was routine.
As the tears start to flow like a stream
I know it's time to stop chasing this broken dream...

Aaahhhh, still about THE EX. I wrote the whole poem around the last line, because it was something I told my friend while we were chatting on Yahoo. This is after THE EX and I parted ways, but still sort of seeing each other. I said I needed to stop chasing this broken dream, the dream that in the end, it could still work out. What was I thinking?]

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